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Hi, I'm Ariela and I live in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina; an island in the south, very south of America, near the Antarctica. It's also known as 'the end of the world'. I'm a web/front-end and software developer, but I also do a little of photography. I focus on designing clean and simple, accessible and semantic websites.

I started to play with computers at the young age of 8 by making websites, which it's something that I still do in the present. A couple of months later, I learnt more HTML and CSS. During the same time, I started to learn English.

In the following years, I became more serious about HTML and CSS. Therefore, I created my first personal web page where I could upload my testings. Also learnt a bit of JavaScript. Then I realized that I liked to code, so I installed a blogging software to play with PHP and MySQL. To get deeper in the programming world, I attended programming classes where I learnt more about the basics and solving problems.

In the language learning side of the story, I also took many international English exams, finishing with FCE, just because there weren't any possibilities to take a higher exam.

Don't think everything is computers and code, during that time I got interested in graphic design. I learnt to use Photoshop, CorelDraw and Flash. To add more in the art section, photography grew on me, specifically in the macro or close up field.

During college, I felt like a missed something: learning a language. That's when I started to teach myself Japanese, although it's still very basic.

As you can see, I'm pretty much an autodidact in everything regarding code, design and development.