Ariela Quinzi

E x p e r i e n c e

  1. Software development

    Municipalidad de Río Grande ( - )

    • Development in PHP and MySQL using a custom system for municipal government (framework based on Symfony)
    • Extending core functions of said system
    • Writing functional tests
    • Video player using a playlist with local videos
    • Registration system for cultural events, automatically asign seats, according to guidelines for the pandemic context (2020). Send notifications of successful registration and reminders
    • Frontend: increase porcentage in usability, semantics and accesibility
  2. Web development and websites administration

    Municipalidad de Río Grande ( - )

    • Oficial website adminstration
    • Frontend development using HTML5, CSS3 y Javascript/jQuery
    • Backend development using PHP, WordPress, MySQL, APIs
    • Fixes to increase website loadtimes, SEO, accesibility
    • Added new features to oficial website to increase residents interaction, using APIs and custom scripts (Python/PHP)
    • Created plugins and modules to ease website administration or increase functionality (WordPress).
    • Blog system migration from a paid system to a free opensource option: copying design, exporting posts using an API, instalation and configuration of the new system, data migration using custom scripts, updates and fixes for the design
    • Full website creation (design, frontend, backend) and administration CIAN project
  3. Fullstack web developer ( - )

    • Front-end development using HTML/HTML5 and CSS/SASS mostly, with Javascript/jQuery when needed.
    • Backend development using PHP, Python or a CMS (content management system, usually WordPress), MySQL or SQLite
    • REST API usage and creation
    • Payment gateways implementation (Mercado Pago, Paypal)
    • Members system creation, where they can suscribe to the site, input points and exchange them for products
    • Extended CMS via custom plugins/shortcodes depending on clients' needs
    • Extended custom systems to add new features
    • Fix loading times, SEO, accesibility, usability
    • Consultancy and administration services. Security and Malware cleaning
    • Translation
  4. Server administration

    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Río Grande ( - )

    • Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Exchange 2010 administration.
    • Installation of Microsoft ISA Server and rules configuration.
    • Migration of Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Microsoft Exchange 2010.
    • Backups using NTBackup.
    • Joomla! installation and configuration.

F o r e i g n   l a n g u a g e s


native speaker


advanced (writing and reading), intermediate (speaking) ﹘ First Certificate in English (FCE) - 2007


basic (writing, reading)

E d u c a t i o n

  1. Computer programming

    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Facultad Regional Río Grande . graduated:

O t h e r   k n o w l e d g e