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Ariela Quinzi


Hi there, sexy!

I'm Ariela Quinzi I do a bit of coding, with a touch of design, sparkled with photography. Also, I like solving problems. Everything with love, from Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego.

Basically I do:

With responsive design, accessibility and semantics in mind.

Here is a nice professional looking CV (resume). If you need to contact me, head towards this page.


Apps for personal use that I made over the years. See listing.


Here are some projects (for clients and personal) that I made over the years.

I've worked for more than eight years in web development; always trying new tecnologies. I specialize in minimalistic and simple design, and in backend development.

Cultural and sport activities directory design
  • ¿Qué hacer en Tierra del fuego? ("What to do in Tierra del Fuego?")
    Design, front end development, some backend and a bit of hacking.
  • Jekyll, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • View

Personal blog design
  • Personal blog
    Design, front end development and a bit of hacking.
  • HTML, CSS, Python
  • View

Design for Extramet
  • Extramet site.
    Design and front end development.
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • View

Old design of this site
  • This page! (old)
    Design, front end and backend development.
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • View

Personal photo gallery
  • Personal photo gallery.
    Design and coding.
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, XML (front end), SQLite (back end)
  • View

Dokuwiki theme
  • Personal web page.
    Dokuwiki theme.
  • Dokuwiki, CSS
  • View

Joomla! theme
  • Personal web page.
    Joomla! theme.
  • Joomla!, CSS
  • View

Site for Killer Teddies
  • Killer Teddies. Photocomic from my teenage years.
    Design and coding.
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Flash
  • View


I like taking photos as a hobby.

You can see them in a gallery I made over here or on flickr, if you like that site better. No, seriously, you can go there if you want. I won't complain, track you down or anything. (out of date, sorry!)

I also shot some pictures for the Aikido people in Tierra del Fuego. The albums, for now, can be seen on Facebook (not the best, I know!). Years: 2016 and 2017.


If you want to contact me (maybe you want to say "hi"... but I prefer with a smiley), here are the ways for doing so:

Ariela Quinzi
Web & Software developer (also UX/UI)

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Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina