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pandy is a command line wrapper for pandoc + cool stuff (if you use markdown -> html)

Basically takes a file/folder, input the markup to convert from, the output markup and runs it through pandoc.


To use the script, just call it with something like:

pandy source format_from format/s_to [other options]


  • A bit easier syntax around pandoc commands (I can't never remember them)
  • Output folder keeping or not the folder structure
  • Source can be a file, a folder or a .list containing file paths
  • Formats: some of them have abbreviations (see below)
  • Output format: you can have more than one! just separate them with spaces
  • You can create a nice book (html, just adds navigation links between files). If you don't like/want "Next-Prev" navigation links, you can use the file's title. It creates a nice simple index file or you can include your own.
  • Use a config file: so you don't have to remember all the arguments or write a "wrapper" script for a "wrapper" script :)
  • [TOCME] support. That means that a file that has it, will have a TOC. No more separating files: these ones with TOC, these ones without, and finally place them in the same folder.
  • If you use markdown and convert to HTML there are some goodies for you! abbreviations (real abbreviations, like that they are parsed and not ignored as pandoc does) and admonitions.
  • "WikiLinks" for your custom index file!

For more information and explanation, go to pandy project page.