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Ver. 2.0


Studing Japanese? advanced or beginner level? Curious? Like the writting? Anime fan? any option is valid for having the date in Japanese on your desktop!

DiasJ is a program that displays:

  • the name of the day (Wednesday, Thursday...)
  • how the month and the day is read in Japanese with its kanji and furigana

So, if you are learning, this is your best option. But wait! If you're advanced in this date-knowledge-thing, you can hide the furigana or choose the "minimalistic" version. In this way, everyone enjoys!

Is fairly simple: start up, place the program where you want. Right Click | opciones (options) to change the font's color and size to customize it as you like.


  • Showing furigana
  • Minimalistic mode
  • Showing no furigana
  • Options window


DiasJ 2.0
Zipped file

Visual Basic .NET

Start up with Windows

If you want this behaviour, you must do it manually (place a shortcut):

  • Place the program in a folder of your choice, it can be inside "My Documents" or "Program Files".
  • Create a shortcut for it (right click on the program's icon, send to | desktop).
  • Place that shortcut in this folder (Windows 7 and Vista): C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


Version 2.0

  • ADD: hide furigana
  • ADD: minimalistic view
  • FIX/DEL: some "minimum" font sizes

Version 1.5

  • FIX: typo
  • FIX: Option window position
  • FIX: size of the main window. Now fits to content

Version 1.1

  • FIX: bug. Didn't save configuration if it was not exited from the salir (exit) option menu

Version 1.0

  • ADD: Save the font's color and size between programs's starts
  • FIX: Prettier

Version 0.0a2

  • ADD: Posibillity to change the font's color
  • ADD: Posibillity to change the font's size

Version 0.0a1

  • First release