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Ver. 1.2


A plugin for Pelican that lets you add frequently used URLs using short keywords: keyword>rest-of-url where keyword is defined in the settings and later replaced with actual URL in the generated HTML output.


The interlinks are specified in the file as (example):

         'wikipedia_en': '',
         'wikipedia_es': '',
         'ddg': ''

There's also a default key, this, that is mapped to the SITEURL variable.

Then, in a blog post, you just create a normal link but adding the keyword> syntax in the URL specification, followed by the rest of the URL.


Interlinks 1.2
From official Pelican repos

Python 2/3


Using markdown syntax:

[Normal boring link]( But this is a [cool link](this>) that links to this site.

Search in [Wikipedia](wikipedia_en>python), ([here](wikipedia_es>python) in spanish). Also can [search](ddg>python) it.

All the above will be parsed as:

<p><a href=''>Normal boring link</a>. But this is a <a href='http://[your-site]/index.html'>cool link</a> that links to this site.</p>
<p>Search in <a href=''>Wikipedia</a>, (<a href=''>here</a> in spanish). Also can <a href=''>search</a> it.</p>


Version 1.0

  • First release