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Ver. 1.5


¿Do you want to copy the MP3 files from your playlist to your portable music player/iPod/cellphone, but all the programs you find don't work with Unicode? (á, ü, ñ, , ).

Here I come to save-help you! that's the reason why I made PlaylistQpier. PlaylistQpier allows you to select a playlist (m3u or m3u8) -with or without unicode-, choose the folder where the files are going to be copied to and done! files copied.

Playlists files must have absolute paths.



  • Main interface
  • Main interface, less information


PlaylistQpier 1.5
Zipped file

Visual Basic .NET

Message translations

As the program is in spanish, here are the pop up messages translations:

Datos en blanco
Empty information (textboxes)
¿Los archivos de la carpeta seleccionada se eliminaran. Seguir?
The files from the selected folder will be deleted. Continue?
No se ha podido agregar. El archivo debe contener rutas absolutas
Couldn't be added. The file must contain absolute paths
Hay archivos que no se encuentran, desea continuar?
There are files missing. Do you wish to continue?
La ruta de la carpeta no es correcta o no existe
Folder's path is incorrect or does not exist


Version 1.5

  • ADD/FIX: textbox to enter output folder path provided (don't have to select it from the folder browser dialog)
  • FIX: When the dialog to look for the playlist is opened, it shows all the possible extensions.
  • FIX: Program's visual change. Now includes a mini version.

Version 1.0

  • Primera versión