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Ver. 2.0


PlaylistsModifiQ is a simple, portable and multiplatform program, that allows to change/modify some playlists paths so you can have one same playlist for two operative systems (Windows and Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Debian/Linux), who share a partition.

The program is written in Java, thus you need the Virtual Java Machine to run it, plus some playlists to modify ;)


  • Main interface
  • Configuration window
  • Switching languages
  • Running in CLI


When initialized for the first time, it shows the configuration options. If it is executed for the first time under Windows, you will have to type, in the first textbox, the Linux mounting point path. If that's not the case, they are displayed in the drop down menu.

Underneath you select the partition's letter under Windows.

Lastly, select if you want to make the program "portable" (takes the playlists path where he program it is executed) or not (enter the path in the textbox).

Once configurated:

  • In the main window, enter the playlists name with the extension in the textbox (at this moment, only .pls and .m3u). If more than one, concadanate with: ; (semicolon and without spaces between names).
  • If you want to modify all inside a folder, type all
  • Press the Done! button when ready. If there isn't any mistakes, a pop up message will tell you that the job has been done flawlessly. Otherwise, you will be told what mistake you had and the clowns will attack you in nightime while sleeping.

Version 2.0 adds the possibillity to execute the program (make the conversion) from command line. The following is without using the configuration file:

java -jar path/to/PlaylistsModifiQ2.0.jar P:\ /media/cdrom0/ "taran!.pls;jeje.m3u" /musica/listas_reproduccion


  • First argument (P:) letter of the unit where is located under Windows
  • Second (/media/cdrom0/) mounting point in Linux
  • Third (taran!.pls;jeje.m3u) playlists
  • The last one (/musica/listas_reproduccion) where these playlists are located

This one is using a configuration file:

java -jar path/to/PlaylistsModifiQ2.0.jar "taran!.pls;jeje.m3u"


PlaylistsModifiQ 2.0
.jar file


Under Linux

You will have to have directory permissions where the files are located, because the partitions are managed by the operative system. You can:

  • Copy/Cut all to your desktop (or another place where you have permission (but you loose the magic touch).
  • Execute as root (not the best option).
  • When you mount the partitions/disks, allow (you, your user name) the writing permission (nicest option).


Version 2.0

  • ADD: English Language
  • ADD: configuration options
  • ADD: execute from command line option
  • ADD: usabillity
  • FIX: usabillity
  • DEL: unnecessary things
  • ADD: more code

Version 1.0

  • First release