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Ver. 2.5.1


QColoresCod is a simple and portable program that allows you to convert color codes from hex/HTML to RGB, and the other way around (RGB to hex/HTML).

The program not only converts values entered by the user but also allows you to choose the colors from the palette window or from a imported image.

Its interface is not the nicest to look at but, after all, it's very easy to use and does the job pretty good.

QColoresCod has the possibility to save up to 5 colors from the code of your choice, with a little swatch next to it. Moreover, you can export it to a text file.

And, as many people, it's bilingual (spanish and english).


  • Main interface
  • Color selection
  • Picking color from image
  • Option window
  • Switching languages


QColoresCod 2.5.1
Zipped file

Visual Basic 6


Version 2.5.1

  • DEL: .png import support, caused a crash

Version 2.5

  • FIX: Now appears in the taskbar ;)
  • ADD: The selected color appears in the chosing color window

Version 2.0

  • FIX: Some little things
  • ADD: In the order view, see previous and next color
  • ADD: Minimalistic version
  • MOD: Things
  • ADD: Initialization options
  • ADD: English. Now you can choose between spanish and english
  • ADD: Help (yes, there wasn't one before...)

Version 1.5

  • ADD: zoom in the imported image
  • ADD: option to choose the color to save type
  • ADD: export the color list to txt
  • ADD: change the saved colors order
  • ADD: possibility to delete saved colors
  • ADD: delete all the saved colors
  • ADD: many things
  • FIX: some errors

Version 1.0

  • ADD: image import, with color selection
  • ADD: Keep the saved colors

Version 0.5

  • First release