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Ver. 1.0


¿Have you ever wanted to rename files inside a folder based on the folder that contains them? ¿never? Neither did I, never thought about it until I needed it and have to make the program.


  • Main interface


Let's take this structure as an example:

Reading practise
  |   +--Topic1
  |   |  +--untitled.txt
  |   |  +--untitled - copy.txt
  |   |  +--new 3.txt
  |   +--Topic2
  |       +--[weird characters].html
  |       +--holas.txt
    |  +--hola.html

That multiplied by more than 10. The last thing you want to do is do it by hand, right? Here's when QFolder2File comes in handy.

Its usage is very simple thanks to its clean interface. You enter the "root" folder path under seleccionar carpeta (select folder) (in our example, "Reading practise" if you want to rename everything, or "Japanese" or "German" to rename any of those folders). If you don't like typing you can copy&paste the path (kidding), you can choose the folder clicking on the carpeta (folder) button.

The only option available is where you want to include the folder name (under Opciones Renombre (renaming options)), if you want to rename the file with that name (Renombrar (rename)), if you want to include it first (añadir adelante (add before name)) or last (añadir al final (add at the end)).

Ready, steady, go! press the Renombrar! button, wait a few seconds and done! files renamed.

Our example would end up like this:

   |   +--Topic1
   |   |  +--Topic1.txt
   |   |  +--Topic1 (1).txt
   |   |  +--Topic1 (2).txt
   |   +--Topic2
   |       +--Topic2.html
   |       +--Topic2.txt
     |  +--Topic1.html

If you need the usage manual, press F1 in the program (in Spanish, sorry!). Bonus: Unicode ready.


QFolder2File 1.0
Zipped file

Visual Basic .NET

Messages Translations

As the program is in spanish, here are the translations of the pop up messages.

Carpeta no existe
Folder does not exist
Ruta vacia, favor de completar
Empty path, please fill it


Version 1.0

  • First release