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¿Qué hacer en Tierra del Fuego?

Ver. 1.4.1


Site that collects activities (sports, artistic, cultural...) that can be done in Tierra del Fuego; also has a directory of places and a calendar of events. Sends reminders to social networks. The name translation to english is "What to do in Tierra del Fuego?".

The data is open source, allowing collaboration.


  • Homepage of a city, showing the calendar of events.
  • List of entities for a sport activity
  • Profile of an entity; with contact details, schedule, etc. Also shows the activities that took part of.
  • Profile of a place. Includes a list of activities that can be done and events that happened there.


¿Qué hacer en Tierra del Fuego? 1.4.1
Web app

Jekyll, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, APIs


Version 1.3.1

  • Many changes. The complete list can be seen in the changelog (spanish)

Version 1.0

  • Version "karyen": Totally rewritten to use Jekyll. Includes Río Grande, Tolhuin and Ushuaia; it looks better, has more info and a includes a calendar. Note: karyen is a selknam (ona) word that means "born, grow"

Version 0.5

  • First version. Only activities and places from Río Grande.